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A new year means change and January sales!

January 21st, 2015

Have you snapped up one of our January Special Offers on Radiators & Towel Rails?

Most people use the New Year as an excuse to do many things such as start the gym, quit smoking, find a new job, take up a new hobby or start redecorating!

So if you’re thinking about redecorating your home then look no further than our special offers page for all your discounted heating supplies.

Here we’ve selected 5 of our best deals on Towel Rails, Radiators & Bench Radiatorsperfect for every room in your home.

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1. MHS Square Stainless steel electric towel rail

This towel rail is in polished stainless steel square tubes, which creates and attractive angular rail. It comes in 3 sizes, and is 70mm from wall to face. The Square comes with a thermostatic adjustable element included.

The Square has a 20 year guarantee (2 year on the electric heating element).

Was… £668.16 Buy Online Now with Prices from Only £601.34.

2. The MHS Arturo vertical

Is available in a range of sizes It is 80mm from wall to face. The intense polished lines of the Arturo range will definitely make a statement in a modern interior. The Arturo is designed to turn heads with its smooth clean finish and makes an ideal choice for designers & homeowners alike.

This product is manufactured from stainless steel and carries a manufacturer’s 20 year guarantee. The MHS Arturo is now available in a brushed finish or polished stainless finish.

Was… £413.76 Buy Online Now with Prices from Only £372.38.


3. MHS Comb electric

Stainless steel, heated towel rail is a simple design with a twist on a classic ladder style towel rail. The Comb is a reversible product – bars can face to the right or the left.  It is 1200mm in height and 500mm width. The Comb electric comes with a thermostatic element allowing you to control the temperature.  The Comb is complete with a 20 year guarantee.

Electrical components carry a two year warranty. Electrification may extend the lead time on delivery.

Was… £781.44 Buy Online Now with Prices from Only £703.30.


4.  The Cordivari Ardesia Panca bench radiator

(Previously known as the Aestus Partito Bench). The standard colour of the radiator is RAL9010 Pure White. The radiator can also be chosen with a different colour but please add 30% to the prices shown below.

The Ardesia Panca comes complete with a light oak wooden top which is completely different to anything else on the market. The 350mm height radiators come complete with a 6 column x 4 section radiator, the 396mm height is with a 6 column x 5 section, and the 442mm height with a 6 column x 6 section radiator.

5 year guarantee.

Buy Online Now with Prices from Only £577.50.


5. The MHS Arc horizontal radiator.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the oval tubes on the radiator are in a brushed stainless finish whereas the tops of the tubes and the collector are both finished in polished stainless steel, both finishes complement each other wonderfully. The Arc is a talking point for all of your guests who will always comment on the Arc.

The Arc is available in a single or double version; the single is a set of tubes at the front of the collector and the double is a set at the front and behind giving an amazing heat output. 20 year guarantee.

Was.. £292.80 Buy Online Now with Prices from Only £248.88.

Where to put your Bench Radiator

September 29th, 2014

You may have seen via our site, interior design mags and makeover tv shows that bench radiators have become more and more popular, with new designs and styles being made available for purchase.

This is our standard bench radiator, available for just over £400.

These innovatively designed pieces of heating furniture can be very versatile in their use around the home or in other locations. WarmRooms have an extensive range of bench radiators and here are a few of our top designs, along with some ideas of where to position these functional pieces of heating.

Does your conservatory need heated seating?

Myson Architecture Bench Radiator

This stylish piece from Myson Architecture range is the ultimate in conservatory heated seating, offering essential heating as well as a feature in the room. The bench comes complete with a beech laminated seat, providing comfort and luxury. This bench radiator is also available in a range of other colours, suited your room’s style.

Bench radiators for small rooms

The Radiator Company Ancona Bench Radiator

This functional bench radiator is the perfect solution for a room with limited space. Limited space does not have to mean limited style and that’s where this seated heating solution comes into its own. Use this bench radiator in the bathroom to provide luxury warmth and practical seating. The Ancona Bench Radiator is supplied with an open frame top, so that you can finish it in a number of ways to create your desired effect.

Ideal for hallway heating

Zehnder Charleston Relax Column Bench Radiator

Ever though that your hall looked a bit bare recently? Or, are you fed up of having to sit on the bottom step to get your shoes on?

This column bench radiator from Zehnder offers the perfect solution to those hallway issues. Slender and stylish, this piece of heating design can sit snuggly in your hallway, adding a splash of elegance to a previously disused space. The bench comes complete with a multiplex wood seat which is a beech finish.

Take a look at our whole range of bench radiators over on the main website or call 01452 883828