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Apollo… Designer radiators that wont cost you the earth.

June 30th, 2015

Apollo offer the very best in high quality designer Radiators and Towel Rails, Here at Warmrooms we stock an extensive range of radiators, towel rails, column radiators, horizontal and vertical radiators and many more from the Apollo range.finished_graphics

Designed flawlessly with quality and style kept in mind, our room and bathroom radiator ranges are complimentary and enable you to choose the perfect product to match the style of every room in your house.

Produced to the highest standard, these radiators will provide you with a service for many years with second to none in terms of quality and pricing. Why not come to our Gloucestershire based showroom to find your perfect Apollo Radiator.

With ‘out of this world’ designs, you might think that the prices would be too but with prices starting from as little as £67.50 these radiators wont cost you the earth!

1. Apollo Bassano Vertical Radiator

Apollo bassano vertical designer radiator modern contemporary rectangular tubed range of radiators bottom connections – load bearing wall required contemporary vertical designer radiators suitable for modern living areas high output double radiators available – The Bassano comes in white as standard but is also available in a wide range of colours.

Prices from £324.00

2. Apollo Modena Horizontal Aluminium Radiator

The Apollo Modena horizontal aluminium radiator. The Modena is aesthetic, efficient and environmentally friendly as aluminium radiators have a low water content. Due to the Modena being manufactured from aluminium it heats up very fast. Available in five heights, 430mm, 580mm, 680mm, 780mm and 880mm – Bespoke sizes also available upon request. Only colour available is white. 5 year guarantee.

Prices from £72.00

3. Apollo CH Ravenna Traditional Heated Towel Rail

Introducing the Apollo CH Ravenna traditional ball jointed towel warmer which is manufactured in Britain and comes complete with a 10 year guarantee.The brass tubing is chrome plated. The CH Ravenna Plus is available as central heating only, dual fuel (for optional summer heating via an electrical supply) or sealed electric only.

Prices from £855.00

4. Apollo Pavia Tube on Tube Heated Towel Rail

Apollo Pavia tube on tube towel warmer modern minimalist design ideal for bathrooms, cloakrooms and even kitchens – Available in a choice of white or chrome, it comes complete with a 5 year guarantee.

Prices from £108.00

5. Apollo Bassano Low Level Radiator

Apollo Bassano Low Level designer radiator freestanding modern contemporary rectangular tubed range of radiators bottom inside leg connections freestanding low level contemporary radiator ideal in front of windows or dwarf walls suitable for conservatories, attics, offices, showrooms and shops – The Bassano comes in white as standard but is also available in a wide range of colours.

Prices from £315.00

The benefits of Aluminium radiators

May 14th, 2015

Aluminium is the worlds most abundant metal in the earths crust, It makes up about 8% of the earths solid surface. Its one of the most useful metals known to man and heres why…

Aluminium is known for its low density and its ability to resist corrosion thats why its perfect when making every day items such as cans, alloys, Macbook Pro’s casing and of course..


Aluminium Radiators.

Aluminium can be re shaped and manipulated without compromising its strength which makes it ideal for radiators of all shapes and sizes. Weighing less than 50% than alternative metals aluminium radiators are much easier to manufacture, transport and install making it a cheaper option than steel and Cast iron Radiators.


Economical radiators for your home

If you’re looking for a more economical radiator for your home then our aluminium range is ideal. Aluminium is an excellent thermal conductor having an emissivity of 236w/m2k. Which basically means you don’t have to run it for a long time before it has an effect on the temperature in the room! Suitable for areas of a house thats occasionally used such as a spare bedroom and hallway.


Aluminium Designer radiators

The design of aluminium radiators have changed in recent years. Originally the aluminium radiators that were available on the British market were sectional radiators, but now a huge selection of designer radiators have come into the market.

Styles range from the classic MHS Decoral Horizontal Aluminium Radiator 581mm High to the more modern Vasco Beams Aluminium Vertical Radiator and Eskimo Outline Super Mirror Stainless Steel Flat Panel Radiator.

Aluminium Radiator advantages

Over the years the manufactures and customers have both noticed the advantages from the properties of Aluminium radiators, the benefits include:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Low running costs
  • Energy efficient
  • More suitable to Thermostat change


Our top picks

1. Eskimo Outline Super Mirror Stainless Steel Flat Panel Radiator

Eskimo Outline is modular aluminium, high output radiator with a highly polished stainless steel front fascia panel. Outline radiators are the original flat panel design for lovers of clean lines, anti-mist, hard wearing and easily cleaned. Towel rails can be added for a twin purpose radiators. one for warming your room and the other for warming your towels.

Prices from £641.58

2. Vasco Zaros Horizontal Aluminium Radiator

Vasco Zaros is a beautiful eco friendly aluminium radiator that is capable of adding both style and warmth to any room. Available in fine textured white and colour options. With the additon of optional towel holders and hooks this radiator is perfect for any room.

Prices from £437.76

3. MHS Decoral Horizontal Aluminium Radiator 581mm High

The Decoral brings together the benefits of aluminium with designer style, to create a highly practical and beautiful heat emitter. Decoral is easy to handle during transportation, installation and subsequent redecoration of the room. For those who love column rads but don’t really have the space, Decoral is the futuristic, chic alternative.

Prices from £87.60

4. Vasco Beams Aluminium Vertical Radiator

Vasco Beams is a Aluminium masterpiece which looks spectacular and produces a huge heat output. A choice of Square or rectangular towel bars are available, as are short and long towel rails which are finished in black, white or pigeon blue, all of which can be mixed and matched to suit.

Prices from £863.04

5. The Radiator Company Oscar Royale Aluminium Radiator 

This modern and efficient radiator is constructed from aluminium which means it is lightweight. The Oscar Royale model is supplied with matching end panels, these create a flush smooth appearance to the radiator and accentuate the clean lines. The Oscar Royale is available from stock in Textured Light Grey, Textured Dark Grey, Black Gold, Polished Silver and Quartz Matt.

prices from £430.08

Need a Radiator or Towel Rail for a small place? No Problem!

March 15th, 2015

Do you have a small space that a radiator or towel rail wouldn’t normally fit in?

Here at warmrooms we have a range of stylish and affordable Radiators and Towel Rails that are perfect for those smaller bathrooms or kitchens.

We have selected 4 of the best Towel rails and Radiators that are perfect for those smaller spaces.



1.  JIS Sussex Cinder electric towel rail

Manufactured from 100% stainless steel, the Sussex Cinder stainless steel electric heated towel rail, performs a stylish, year round solution for the drying and warming of your towels. Because they are manufactured from stainless steel the product will not rust or flake. Lifetime guarantee on the radiator, two years guarantee on the heating element.

Prices from £202.50 


2. JIS Sussex Newhaven Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail 

Manufactured from 100% stainless steel, the Sussex Newhaven stainless steel heated towel rail, performs a stylish, year round solution for the drying and warming of your towels. Because they are manufactured from stainless steel the product will not rust or flake. Now with the option of a basic adjustable element or the new cylindrical adjustable element which will allow you to control the temperature of the radiator, which will also save on your electricity cost (adjustable temperature can be set at between 30 – 60 degrees). Also available with an optional shelf/hanger accessory. Lifetime guarantee on the radiator, two years guarantee on the heating element.

Prices from £260.10


3. Reina Bivano Stainless Steel Designer Heated Towel Rail 

The Reina Bivano Stainless Steel heated towel rail. The Practical solution for small spaces in either your kitchen or bathroom. The Illusions collection of Stainless steel radiators from Reina offer the very latest in hand-made modular radiator construction, the most sophisticated finishing and fresh & innovative designs. Available in Polished Stainless Steel. Complete with a 25 year guarantee.

Prices from £290.16


4. Reina Elvina Chrome Designer Heated Towel Rail 

The Reina Elvina Designer heated towel rail with shelf. The perfect & practical addition to any bathroom or kitchen. Finished in highly polished chrome & available as central heating only. Complete with a 5 year guarantee.

Prices from £202.80

Looking for extravagant designer radiators? Look no further than Bisque

February 25th, 2015

If you are after striking modern designs with a high quality finish then Bisque radiators are the brand for you. Not only that but Bisque have been voted one of the nation’s CoolBrands® for a third year running!

Bisque offers beautiful but yet practical radiators in the most exciting styles, colours and shapes. All designed by Bisques in house design team who believe that every home should have that unique designer look and feel.


Here at Warm Rooms we only stock the very best in Bisque designer radiators and we have picked out 5 our our favourite designs, for our full range of shapes and styles visit our website.


1. Bisque Hot Spring Designer Electric Radiator

Introducing the Bisque Hot Spring electric designer coil radiator. Brilliantly imaginative, the Hot Spring electric redefined the image of radiators. This icon of radiator design won a Millennium Product award and is exhibited in the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art. Designed by Paul Priestman.

Complete with a 5 year guarantee on radiator and 2 year on the electrical element.

Prices from £601.34


2. Bisque Alban Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail

The retangular version  of the poplar Chime has the same sparkling appeal but with a perpendicular style. Cantilevered rails allow for even the plumpest of towel to be easily slid on and off. Great for family bathrooms. The Albans arms can be installed facing either left or right.

Complete with a 10 year guarantee.

Prices from £623.16


3. Bisque Hot Hoop Designer Radiator

Bisque Hot Hoops deceptively simple form encircles empty space in a series of sinuous coils. Challenging the orthodoxy of traditional forms, Hot Hoop runs dazzling rings round all other radiators.

Available in a polished stainless steel finish and complete with a 10 year guarantee.

Prices from £1998.00


4 Bisque Flat Panel Vertical Radiator

Bisque Flat Panel vertical  designer radiator. The elegant, simple design of the Flat panel radiator squares up to modern and traditional interiors with its practical and unobtrusive style. All models are supplied with Bisques Deluxe air vent in a matching white finish.

Complete with a 5 year guarantee.

Prices from £562.68
5. Bisque Finn Horizontal Designer Radiator

Bisque Finn Horizontal Designer Radiator. The contemporary finned radiator with a crisp elegance in a white or aluminium finish. The low version sits perfectly under windows; the tall Finn can fit into areas that would otherwise be unusable, freeing up valuable wallspace.

Made to measure also available. Complete with a 5 year guarantee.

Prices from £386.64


Why choose JIS Sussex towel rails?

October 10th, 2014

Here at Warm Rooms we have been supplying JIS Sussex towel rails for years.

Specialising in towel rails, JIS have a wide variety of designs from small rails to towel rails over 4ft. All JIS towel rails are produced from stainless steel making them environmentally friendly and durable.

Looking for a towel rail for small rooms?

Introducing the Newhaven range

JIS Sussex Newhaven towel rail

This JIS Sussex Newhaven electric towel rail is ideal for is perfect for a spot with limited space but limited space doesn’t have to mean limited heat! It can be positioned almost anywhere to give warmth throughout the home from small bathrooms to utility rooms.

Larger Towel radiators for the more spacious area.

Do you have a large bathroom or kitchen that you just can’t get warm? JIS offer a great range of large towel rails, too which not only do the job but are also very stylish.

The Brunswick range from JIS.

JIS Sussex Brunswick towel rail

The JIS Sussex Brunswick electric heated towel rail performs a stylish year round solution for the drying and warming of your towels, its perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Some of the key features of JIS Sussex towel rails:

. 100% stainless steel (will not corrode or flake)
. Easy to clean
. Hand finished
. Environmentally friendly
. 25 year guarantee

Benefit from our close working relationship with JIS Sussex and buy your towel rails from us today.

Take a look at our whole range of JIS Sussex radiators on our website or call 01452 883828 for further information and guidance.